The Planning Conditions at Lindow for Peat Extraction

In 2003, Croghan Peat were granted permission to extract peat until 2042 by Cheshire County Council (CCC). There were 51 planning conditions imposed.

The full document can be viewed by clicking here: Planning Decision Notice 2003 .

The key conditions included:

10. Nature Reserve Protection Scheme

Production of a plan to protect the hydrology of the adjacent reserve managed by Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

11. Settling Pond Design

Provision of a scheme to setlle water prior to it being discharged from the area.

12. Sluice Control Structure

To be designed and implemented to retain water levels.

13. Hydrological Code of Good Practice

To be submitted to the Mineral Planning Authority

16. Annual Levels Monitoring Sceheme

To monitor water levels each year.

31. No Sand to be dug

No sand to be dug or removed without prior authority from the Mineral Planning Authority.


Saltersley Common Preservation Society contends that a number of key conditions have not been fully complied with by Croghan Peat:

As of 2009 the Nature Reserve Protection Scheme is incomplete, the Settling Pond Design and Sluice Control Structure have not been started, nor have parts of the Hydrological Code of Good Practice. The measuring of the water table was finally implemented in 2007. As a result of the delays it is estimated that the water table has dropped up to five feet, with disastrous results, especially for the water voles, Britain's fastest disappearing mammal.

Communication with CCC in May 2008 revealed that sluice control would not installed for the time-being so as "to protect the water vole habitat".  SCPS pointed out that without water there is no water vole habitat!