Lindow Moss Articles Online

Runcorn and Widnes World, March 2000:  March2000

November 2002: Historic Moss Under Threat? Nov2002

September 2005: Fine for Crogan Peat  Sept2005

May 2007: The Riflemen of Lindow Moss  May2007

April 2008: Lindow Man Returns to Manchester April 2008

The Guardian - Lindow Man Article 2008 Guardian 2008

June 2008 - Fire on the Moss June 2008

October 2008: Eco Housing Scheme on the horizon? October2008

December 2008 "Another Body in the Bog" claim  Dec2008

January 2009: Dig for another Body? Jan2009

January 2009: Photographic Collection Exhibition "Lindow Moss

- a Place of Finding" Photos2009